This Week In Tech 10/28-11/03/2018

This week: Apple held and event, Nintendo held their final Direct before Smash Ultimate, IBM aquires Red Hat and, lots of NASA news

Apple Event

וOn Tuesday Apple biannual 2nd fall event. They announced an updated Mac Mini, an updated MacBook Air and the heavily rumored bezal free iPad Pro. There was also some new software shown off. For more on the event read my post about it.


On Thursday Nintendo held the final Direct before the release of Super Smash Brs Ultimate and A Treehouse Live Presentation. During the Direct it was announced that there are two new gamemodes coming to the game. They also announced lots of new features and the last couple of characters. As for the Treehouse the showed gameplay of Smash, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu and Lets Go Eeve and, Diablo. For more on the Direct read my article about it.


On Sunday it was announced that IBM was going to aquire Red Hat. This is big because Red Hat and IBM are both powers in enterprise tech. For some background: Red Hat is an enterprise IT and infastructure conpany, they are known for their version of Linux.



Over the week NASA has made a few announcemts about the past and future of space exploation. First, on Tuesday NASA held a media briefing about the InSight massion, they didn’t announce anything new but here is a link.


Also on Tuesday NASA bid farewell to the asteemed and astounding planet hunting spacecraft Kepler. Kepler in the past almost ten years discovered many, amny, many exoplanets (planets outside our solar system). It also found so many habbitable exoplanets.


On Thursday NASA announced that the Dawn mission had ellabsed and is ending. Tbe Dawn spacecraft was a mission to inage and research the two largest objexts on the solar system (drarf planet: Ceres and, Vesta). It mad amny discoveries and advances such as: Mapping Ceres and Vesta, the fact that Vesta likely formed in the inner solar system, that Ceres formed further from the sun and migrated in and much more. Here’s a link to NASA’s blog post about it.

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