Disney+ Review

A couple of weeks ago, Disney finally released their long awaited streaming service Disney+. It’s a must have for all Disney fans because of it’s extensive back catalog of their past content and also some original series. It’s also is relatively user friendly. User Experience Disney+ has a really nice UI and is relatively user friendly. It is designed like most streaming services with a carousel based navigation, categories and, search. But two things that it has that most streaming services don’t is property (like Disney Channel, Star Wars and, the MCU) based collections and it also has a section … Continue reading Disney+ Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield came out just over a month ago. It is one of the best Pokemon games ever. Game Freak did great, they were able to innovate on returning features and creating new ones. The story was pretty good and it has a post-game that doesn’t have pacing issues. Like everything there are issues but in my opinion, the pros definitely out way the cons. Graphics and Sound For the last couple of Generations, Graphics and Audio have been improving a lot. This generation is a huge leap for Pokemon graphics The new pokemon designs are nice and … Continue reading Pokemon Sword and Shield Review