Review Of Pokèmon Let’s Go

I thought that I released this about a month ago. The Pokémon Let’s Go games are a great spiritual successor to Pokémon Yellow. It has also been updated with some great (and some not so great) new features and new gameplay mechanics, also some features taken from Pokémon Go. But the game has stayed true to Pokémon Yellow while improving on it Gameplay In general the Gameplay is really good. It’s a basic Pokemon game so there is not much to say. The game is a little harder than most recent Pokemon games (but I think that the earlier ones … Continue reading Review Of Pokèmon Let’s Go

This Week In Tech 12/02-12/08/2018

This week Austrailian anti-encryption bill passes, Waymo is commencing service, Lots of data breaches, The Game Awards awards lots of games, the YouTube Rewind was released, lots of Google/Alphabet news, Huawei CFO gets arrested in Vancouver, OSIRIS-Rex and, more in the Other News section. OSIRIS-Rex On Monday, NASA got OSIRIS-Rex into orbit of asteroid Bennu. It is there to study and collect samples from the asteroid and information about it. The mission also wants to get an idea of how the solar system formed. Huawei CFO On Tuesday, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou for extradition to the United States with charges of violating the US’s sanctions … Continue reading This Week In Tech 12/02-12/08/2018

This Week In Tech 11/25-12/01/2018

This week Marriotts Starwood reservation server was hacked. the first gene edited baby was born, USPS was hscked, NASA successfully lands InSight, lots of Google news, more on the Boring Company and, more in the other news section. The Hacks Marriott On Friday, Marriott announced that their Starwood reservation system had been hacked. In the breach they lost names, email addresses, passwords, social security numbers, passport information, credit card information and, possibly actual reservation information. The situation is interesting because the Starwood system was actually merged into Marriott system in August. USPS On Monday, the USPS admitted that they had … Continue reading This Week In Tech 11/25-12/01/2018