Apple Pushes Boundaries with Innovative Hardware and Software Releases at WWDC 2023

Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) brought significant advancements in both hardware and software. The highlights included the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, an augmented and mixed reality headset aiming to redefine the AR/MR landscape. The conference also marked … Continue reading Apple Pushes Boundaries with Innovative Hardware and Software Releases at WWDC 2023

WWDC 2023: Apple’s Transition to Apple Silicon Completed with Mac Pro

Apple made several exciting hardware announcements at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), marking significant milestones in their transition to Apple Silicon. The highlight was the introduction of the powerful Mac Pro, powered by the M2 Ultra chip, solidifying Apple’s … Continue reading WWDC 2023: Apple’s Transition to Apple Silicon Completed with Mac Pro

Apple Unveils Annual OS Refreshes at WWDC

During Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), they announced the yearly refreshes of their operating systems, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. These updates aim to bring new features and improvements to enhance user experiences across Apple devices. iOS Apple’s showcase for iOS included notable enhancements for communication and personal expression. The introduction of Journal, a dedicated app, empowers users to document and reflect on their daily experiences with a user-friendly interface and tailored features. NearDrop facilitates the exchange of virtual business cards between nearby Apple devices, fostering networking and collaboration. The Messages app received noteworthy improvements, such as in-conversation … Continue reading Apple Unveils Annual OS Refreshes at WWDC

Apple Announces M2 Chip At WWDC 2022

This week Apple held their annual WWDC developers conference. This article will focus on the Keynote. During the keynote Apple announced new features in all their OSs, the next generation of Apple Silicon and, new Macs iOS This year iOS got a major update regarding the Lock Screen. it also got a feature called Safety Check that allows users to better manage permissions and also reset iCloud. Also, Shared Photo Libraries are coming to IOS and Messages will get a SharePlay integration and undo send. Apple Pay will be getting a few updates including Apple Pay Later a buy now … Continue reading Apple Announces M2 Chip At WWDC 2022

WWDC 2021

This week Apple is holding their annual developers’ conference WWDC, and the keynote (where they make most of the significant consumer announcements) was on Monday. They announced details about this year’s versions of each of their OSs and a few other things during the keynote. iOS FaceTime The thing that got the most attention during the iOS section of the keynote was FaceTime. IOS 15 FaceTime will start looking like a more conventional video communication platform because of features such as grid view and the ability to generate links to and schedule calls. The most prominent FaceTime feature announced was … Continue reading WWDC 2021

WWDC 2020

I only realized that I never posted this. It was supposed to be posted in June the week of WWDC. This is being posted now for archival purposes so it could be read as a reference for new content. This week Apple held their annual WWDC developer conference. For the first time, it was entirely online and free for everyone. For the first time, I’ve decided to cover both the Keynote and the Platforms State of the Union (which I’ve never covered before because it usually an in-person only event which is only available online to developers if anyone). In … Continue reading WWDC 2020

WWDC 2017

By Sam Greenwod Jun 5, 2017 On Monday Apple hosted their WWDC conference (note this is a developers conference so don’t expect new products). But its speculated that apple will announce a Siri speaker like the Amazon Echo. All that we know is they will announce the new software versions. WatchOS OS4 Siri updates (hopefully making Siri becomes useful)\ more branded watch faces updates to activity and workout apps MacOS the name of the new version is High Siera autoplay video blocking you can now use the photos app to edit photos apps New File System AFS (Apple File System) … Continue reading WWDC 2017