This Week In Tech – April 25, 2021

This week there’s been lots of Apple news, There’s a new Facebook data leak, the EU proposes AI regulations and, The IOC announces a new Olympic video games tournament. Also, there’s a new proposed privacy bill in the US, HTC Vive Air leaks and, more in the Other News section (with a new format).

Apple News

On Tuesday, Apple held their sorta annual Spring (usually in March but not this time) Event. This year they announced the long rumored and by some eagerly awaited AirTags tracking tags, Also announced at the event were new iPads, slightly redesigned iMacs and, a few other small announcements. It was also mentioned that M1 Macs have sold more than Intel Macs since the release of the M1 devices.

There were a few smaller Apple related stories this week: On leading up to the event, Tuesday morning The Record reported that ransomware group REvil obtained unreleased product schematics from one of Apple’s manufacturing partners. Following that on Thursday, as part of their annual Earth Day press release they announced that they plan to be carbon neutral by 2030..

Olympics of Video Games

On Thursday, the International Olympic Committee announced the Olympic Virtual Series. The Virtual Series is the Olympics’ first foray into video games (at least at scale there may of been a smaller test in the last couple of years). This years event will include Baseball, Sailing and a couple of others. The Olympic Virtual Series takes place from May 13th to June 20th.

Vive Air Leak

Other News

Microsoft announced that they will be building a new store on Windows 10, The new store will allow devs to sell their apps through their own payment systems. Read more about it here

The odd situation with Foxconn’s “factory” in Wisconsin seems to be winding down. This week the state of Wisconsin decided to slash the subsidies that they were going to give Foxconn by 80%. Read smore here

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