Ubisoft@E3 2018

A few days ago Ubisoft held their E3 press confrence, They announced lots of big games like: Beyond Good And Evil 2 and DLC for For Honor and  more about Starlink: Battle For Atlas. The first game that they talked about was Beyond Good And Evil 2. It is a space opera game, you play as the captain of a starship. The graphics look decent (don’t think they are all final content). The coolest thing that they abbounced is that fans can contribute to the game (art, music, and story content) with a program that I think is called Hit Record. The next game … Continue reading Ubisoft@E3 2018

Nintendo@E3 2018

Yesterday Nintendo held their E3 Direct. They announced lots of nrw games, a couple of new Amiibos, and the new Smash Bros. Daemon X Machina is a new Mech battle game. The game is coming out on Nintendo Switch. The game will realese sometime in 2019. The seccond thing announced was a new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC. I don’t know what I htink about it I’ve never played that game but it looks interesting and fun. Then they made one of the biggest announcments the new Pokėmon game. THey talked about Pokemon Lets Go PIkachu and Lots Go Eevee. The … Continue reading Nintendo@E3 2018

PlayStation@E3 2018

A couple of days ago Sony held their PlayStation E3 Press confrence. THey showed off lots of games, some big titles, some unannounced titles, and SpiderMan. Firstly the format of the presentation was weird. So to start in the pre-show, they announced The Last Of Us Part II. The graphics look good and the story sound interesting. Then they announced Call Of Duty: Black OPs 3 coming to PS4. They also announced a new VR game Ghost Giant. Now for the  final game of the pre-show they announced a new DLC for Destiny. Then to start the actua; confrence they … Continue reading PlayStation@E3 2018

Square Enix@E3 2018

Yesterday Square Enix held their E3 press confrence. It was alot shorter than expected. But they still announced and gave more info about lots of great looking games. First they showed off mre of Shadow Of The Tumb Raider. This game looks really good. It a Tumb Raider game so the story should be roughly the same of as all the old ones (trying to sucsessfully raid tumbs and not be stoppped on the way). After that they talked about Final Fantasey XIV. It looks fun like any Final Fantasey does to me (I’ve nover played one), The traler was well produced … Continue reading Square Enix@E3 2018

Bethesda@E3 2018

Yesterday Bethesda held their E3 press briefing.They showed off DLC and other stuff related to old games, but of course they showed new footage of previously announced games and announced completely new games. They made a couple of Elder Scrools and Fallout related announcments. First they announced Rage 2 with a roughly 13 minute concert with the new soundtrack. During the Rage 2 bit they playfully joked about the Walmart Canada leak. Rage 2 is Realecing Spring 2019. Then they announced Doom: Eternal, touting twice as many demons. It is a sequal to the version of Doom that was realeced … Continue reading Bethesda@E3 2018

EA@E3 2018

A couple of days ago EA hosted their E3 predd confrence they takled about their sports titles, Battlefield V, Anthem, a few of their EA Origionals titles, and Star Wars So first they talked about Battlefield V. For the first time everything is movable and customizable. The game takes place durring WWII. It will also have a battle royale mode. The game comes out October 19th Then they talked about EA Sports starting with FIFA 19. EUFA is coming to FIFA 19 it will be playable in every mode. This year World Cup mode is back. It’s coming out on … Continue reading EA@E3 2018