This Week In Tech 03/10-03/16/2018

This week Microsoft showed off a cool update to Xbox Live, Lots of Apple news, Tesla hosts an event, a couple Interesting Links and, more in the Other News Section Xbox A few months ago there were rumours that Xbox Live was coming to Moblie and Nintendo Switch. Those rumours were kind of accurate. On Thursday, Microsoft announced Game Stack in a press release.¬†This is an important SDK that simplifies lots of stuff for game developers easier. In that announced an SDK that brings Xbox Live to mobile. Apple Spotify submits Antitrust against Apple On Thursday Spotify filed an anti-trust … Continue reading This Week In Tech 03/10-03/16/2018

It’s Been A GREAT Week In Space Travel

Started Writing: March 7 2019 (for understanding of wording. The update was written the date of posting.). Wow it’s been a busy week in space with the progress of SpaceX DM-1 and the test of the Crew Dragon (the first anerican manned spacecraft to be tested since the sun setting of the space shuttle). This was an unmanned launch so no one was on the craft. The Crew Dragon¬†successfully launched from KSC Launch Complex 39-A at 3:30 Sunday. Crew Dragon was carrying Ripley (an anthropimorphic test dumbie that has lots of sensors) and a few other science¬†experiments. It’s rocket … Continue reading It’s Been A GREAT Week In Space Travel

Apollo 11 Documentary Movie Review

To preface this review was initially posted to my Letterboxd account (Jammer2001). I originally posted the review in multiple because I got a little bit more information from a review that I watched about an hour ago (I saw the movie a couple of days ago). Review I don’t know exactly what category this movie falls into, but it’s really good. This movie is a combination of the actual tapes from the mission and what seems to be re-enactment film from the days leading up to the launch and mission control. The launch footage was enhanced really well and it … Continue reading Apollo 11 Documentary Movie Review