This Week In Tech 04/09-04/15/2017

This week Nintendo announced sales data for Switch, also that they are killing of the NES Classic Edition, also hosted a direct. EA announced realece info for Star Wars Battlefront II. Nintendo said the Switch console has sold 906,000 units after 28 days on sale, while the accompanying Zelda Breath of the Wild actually sold more copies than physical consoles at 925,000. and also announced that they are going to stop manufacturing the NES Classic and hosted a Direct on Wendsday I wrote a full article about it. On Saturday Electronic Arts announced a release window for Star Wars BattleFront … Continue reading This Week In Tech 04/09-04/15/2017

More On The Nintendo Direct

Hey Pikmin comes out on July 28th for 3DS Switch: Puyo Puyo Tetris: don’t remember the date but english demo available now The joycon battery pack comes out the same day as arms Minecraft for Switch will come with come with come with a Mario texture pack and have multi-player but only for 8 players Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers will come out May 26th.  If you want more content from me support The Tech News Source @  Continue reading More On The Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct April 2017

The Direct a bit of a different format so a lot of less information but lots more games   New Pikmam game on 3DS July Evers Oasis June 23rd Monster Hunter Stories: Fall Yokai-Watch 2 DLC: fall RPG Maker: June 22nd Miitopia: later this year  Fire Emblem Echos:  Kirby Clash: this summer eshop Kirby Blowout Bash: Summer New Zelda Amiibo: June 23rd Switch Arms: New character Minmin arms made of romin and a hand that is a dragon 2on2 battles June 16th realese  Ultra-Street Fighter: Minecraft: May 11th eshop Sonic Force: Holiday Sonic Mania: Sumner Puyo Puyo Tetris: Demo today Monopoly … Continue reading Nintendo Direct April 2017

Cassini’s Grand Finale

NASA’s cassini’s probe will be ending it’s long run soon The probe has made many important discoveries such as: Methane lakes on titan  Saturn’s moon  incelidus Ice on incelidus Earth similar weather on incelidus The probe will plunge into Saturn with its last flyby of Titan on April 22nd. The probe will start diving into Saturn with its 1st dive on April 26th.  The probe will make it’s final plunge on September 15th. For a talk from NASA explaining the probes grand finale click here To view the plot fir the grand finale install NASA Eye’s and choose Eye’s On To Solar System … Continue reading Cassini’s Grand Finale

This Week In Tech 03/26/2017 -04/01/2017 

This Week Samsung hosted their Unpacked event, SpaceX reused a rocket,you can play Ms Pac-Man in Google Maps, and the EU is looking at putting a backdoor in encrypted messaging apps.  At their Unpacked event Samsung showed off their off their Galaxy S8 and their new AI assistant called Bixby.  On Thursday SpaceX launched a reused rocket for the first time.  Google now allows you to. play Ms Pac-Man in Google Maps.  This week The Next Web published an article about an EU Commissioner who purposed a law that would force encrypted messaging apps to install a backdoor. Here is … Continue reading This Week In Tech 03/26/2017 -04/01/2017