Analysis Of The Social Media Executive Order

On Thursday, President Trump signed an executive order that challenges the safe harbour protections given to social media companies. As I am not American nor a lawyer I asked YouTuber (host of Lawful Masses) and copyright lawyer Leonard French his opinion. Here’s what he said: It basically does nothing except order a nearly-meaningless review of social media platforms by the NTIA, FCC, FTC, and Attorney General. The strongest thing it does is attempt to remove advertising dollars that the Federal gov’t may have been spending on unnamed social media platforms that “violate free speech”. The worst consequence from that may … Continue reading Analysis Of The Social Media Executive Order

Trump In The Oval Office

Two weeks ago Donald Trump was elected to be the next president of the United States. But venture capitalists and academics think the Trump presidency would screw the tech industry. Trump wants to end the H1B visa program. The reason that this would affect the tech industry is that lots of tech companies hire foreign workers who are moving to the US because they are cheaper and sometimes more qualified. He also wants to end renewable-energy incentives. This is bad because he is opening fossil fuel plants and is going to end the climate change deal made earlier this year. Continue reading Trump In The Oval Office