Samsung Developer Confrence Opening Keynote 2018

Today Samsung held their annual developer confrence SDC. This event had lots of specualtion. They talked about Bixby, SmartThings and, Smart TVs. But they also announced the heavily rumored Foldable Phone


Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, they released it a couple years ago. Bixby will be coming to more devices (TVs, tablets and, smart speakers), it will also be opening up to more countries and more languages. They also announced that they are opening Bixby up to developers.


There weren’t many consomer announcments regardig SmartThings. They announced updates to the SmartThings Cloud, new APIs, and other dev tools.

Smart TVs

They are making it easier for developers to use Bixby on smart tvs with a new API. They also said that they are inviting developers to add channels to TV Plus. Another new feature, they are inviting developers to develop for Ambiant Mode.


One UI

They moved on to smartphones starting with, One UI their updated user interface for their Android phones. It simplifies tbe UI and built in apps. The updates include: Removing the menu from the phone app if you are typing in a phone number, mivung the menu in the clock app to the bottom of the screen. The background of the device can automatically baced of the color of the hardware.

Foldable Display

The rumors are true (kind of) they annoumced and showed off a phone/tablet.It doesn’t look exactly like what I thought it would look like, this device is kind of thick because it sort of has a folding brick formfactor. Since it is in a brick formfactor means that the phone folds into a tablet (not the other way around). So it doesn’t look like the futuristic foldable device I expected. OS wise all they’ve said is that in tablet mode it will support upto 3 app multitasking. They said that they are also working on stretchable and rollable displays. This is only a concept for now!!!! But, they also said that they are going to talk more about it at their next event.

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