SpaceX Crew-2 Launch

On April 23rd, 2021 at 5:49 am, lifted off on a Falcon 9 numbered B1061.2 and in Crew Dragon C206.2, named Endeavour by astronauts Bob Benkhen and Doug Hurley. This was the first mission ever to use a previously flown booster and a previously flown capsule, being the first company ever to reuse both of the most vital components of the rocket.  The crew of four consists of two American astronauts, Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, one ESA astronaut, Thomas Pesquet, and one JAXA astronaut, Akihido Hoshide. This is the second spaceflight for Megan McArthur and Thomas Pesquet, and the … Continue reading SpaceX Crew-2 Launch

Soyuz MS-17 Return

On Saturday, April 17th at 12:55 am, the Soyuz MS-17 capsule touched down on the steps of Kazakhstan after a 6 month long mission to the International Space Station. This is the second capsule in a flurry of four manned capsule events happening at the International Space Station, which started with MS-18’s launch and continued to this mission. The capsule brought down two cosmonauts, Sergey Rhyzikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, and one NASA astronaut, Kate Rubins. Rhyzikov and Rubins were on their second missions while Kud-Sverchkov was on his first.  All events all the way down to landing went off without … Continue reading Soyuz MS-17 Return

China’s Super-Heavy Lift Rocket Will Carry 100 Tons to the Moon

BY SCOTT ALAN JOHNSTON via Universe Todayavailable under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License China’s proposed next-generation rocket reached the final stage of feasibility studies this month. The planned launch vehicle, known as the Long March-9, will be capable of sending 100 tons to the Moon, and could see its first launch as early as 2030. Announced in 2018, the Long March-9 will play a key role in China’s long-term space ambitions. If all goes as planned, its first payload is likely to be a Martian sample return mission, and it would support China’s Lunar ambitions as well. Another … Continue reading China’s Super-Heavy Lift Rocket Will Carry 100 Tons to the Moon

NASA has Decided to Start Building the Lunar Gateway Using the Falcon Heavy

BY MATT WILLIAMS via Universe Todayavailable under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License In October of 2024, NASA will send “the first woman and the next man” to the Moon as part of the Artemis Program. This will be the first crewed mission to the lunar surface, and the first mission beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO), since the closing of the Apollo Era in 1972. Beyond that, NASA plans to establish infrastructure on and around the Moon that will allow for “sustained lunar exploration and development.” A key aspect of this is the Lunar Gateway, an orbiting habitat that will allow astronauts … Continue reading NASA has Decided to Start Building the Lunar Gateway Using the Falcon Heavy

It’s Been A GREAT Week In Space Travel

Started Writing: March 7 2019 (for understanding of wording. The update was written the date of posting.). Wow it’s been a busy week in space with the progress of SpaceX DM-1 and the test of the Crew Dragon (the first anerican manned spacecraft to be tested since the sun setting of the space shuttle). This was an unmanned launch so no one was on the craft. The Crew Dragon successfully launched from KSC Launch Complex 39-A at 3:30 Sunday. Crew Dragon was carrying Ripley (an anthropimorphic test dumbie that has lots of sensors) and a few other science experiments. It’s rocket … Continue reading It’s Been A GREAT Week In Space Travel

Apollo 11 Documentary Movie Review

To preface this review was initially posted to my Letterboxd account (Jammer2001). I originally posted the review in multiple because I got a little bit more information from a review that I watched about an hour ago (I saw the movie a couple of days ago). Review I don’t know exactly what category this movie falls into, but it’s really good. This movie is a combination of the actual tapes from the mission and what seems to be re-enactment film from the days leading up to the launch and mission control. The launch footage was enhanced really well and it … Continue reading Apollo 11 Documentary Movie Review

Cassini’s Grand Finale

NASA’s cassini’s probe will be ending it’s long run soon The probe has made many important discoveries such as: Methane lakes on titan  Saturn’s moon  incelidus Ice on incelidus Earth similar weather on incelidus The probe will plunge into Saturn with its last flyby of Titan on April 22nd. The probe will start diving into Saturn with its 1st dive on April 26th.  The probe will make it’s final plunge on September 15th. For a talk from NASA explaining the probes grand finale click here To view the plot fir the grand finale install NASA Eye’s and choose Eye’s On To Solar System … Continue reading Cassini’s Grand Finale