This Week In Tech 12/11-12/17/2016

This Week In tech Amazon did its first drone delivery. Apple Airpods will be shipping. Uber gets yelled at by San Francisco DMV, and Blackberry is dead This week in companies shipping products and product shipping Amazon completed its first Prime Air delivery, in the UK do to regulations. Apple announced that the Airpods will be shipping Monday. But you will only be able to buy them in Apple stores. In tech business, Uber got yelled at for not buying a California self-driving car license. In my opinion, it is dumb because not only is the license $150. Blackberry is … Continue reading This Week In Tech 12/11-12/17/2016

The Future Of Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been on the market for a few years but the popularity has not met expectations. A few weeks ago (when I decided to write this article when Lenovo announced that they weren’t going to make more additions to the moto360 line.) This year Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2. Two weeks ago Pebble sold to Fitbit because they weren’t selling. Lately, pebble has been having to use Kickstarter again to fund new products. Trends say that Apple Watch and the Garmin smart watches are the top selling. Continue reading The Future Of Smartwatches

The Effect Of Cell Phones On Your Health

There have been multiple thoughts about how cellphones affect your health. Like that they cause cancer and that that the effect your sleep . A few years ago at the University Of Ohio a study took place looking at the the effects of cellphones on sleep. Between the ages of 18-39 they used their phones for a mean of 46.6 minutes per night. It deduced that: Media use might make it take longer to fall asleep (2). Media use might mean less time spent sleeping, thus reducing sleep (3). Bright light emitted by electronic devices might impact sleep quality (4). … Continue reading The Effect Of Cell Phones On Your Health

Pokemon Sun And Moon Review

Pokémon Sun And Moon were released two weeks ago. I just finished the game.Therewere lots of changes like gyms becoming trials, the festival plaza, and the PokePeligo.There are also lots of new Pokémon. The trials are really fun but hard . It’s a nice change but I miss gyms. How they work is you do a task assigned by the trial captain than battle the totem Pokémon. The trials tasks were interesting but fun and sometimes hard.  The festival plaza is good if adds a social aspect to battling and trading. It’s like the streetpass mii plaza. The PokePeligo is where … Continue reading Pokemon Sun And Moon Review