This Week In Tech 10/21-10/28/2017

sorry for releasing this late I’ve been really busy. This week Nintendo announced an Animal Crossingmobile game, Google announced a new electronic payment system, the iPhone X is Avalible for pre-order, the most important thing I missed while I had computer problems was that Qualcomm made the first 5G connection. Super Mario Odyssey is out. Google announced Google Pay a payment system that intigrates Android Pay and a few other things. Super Mario Odyssey is out. It’s great. The game is long but it can be easy or hard depending on what you choose to do. I’ll be writing a full review … Continue reading This Week In Tech 10/21-10/28/2017

This Week In Tech 10/01-10/07/2017

This week Google hosted their 2017 Made By Google Event and Sonos also hosted an event. AOL announces that they are killing AIM. On Wednesday Google hosted their 2nd annual Made By Google Event. At the event they announced new Pixel Phones, new Google Home devices, Airpod like wireless headphones, and some weird camera. For more information refer to my live blog. Earlier that same day Sonos announced that their making all their speakers compatible with airplay. They also announced a new speaker the Sonos Play One that is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s coming out October 24th and … Continue reading This Week In Tech 10/01-10/07/2017

Made By Google Event 2017

Yesterday Google hosted an event. They announced lots of stuff including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Also stuff about Google Home and other new stuff. First Up on stage was Sundar Pachai he started talking stats and AI. Not much new there. Then Rick Osterloh who talked about more stats and also mentioned that google home is and how its been accepted by the general population . Google Home Hands-Free calling is coming to the UK.  Now for actuale hardware. The first thing they announced was the Google Home Mini which is a smalller and Dougnut shaped Google Home. … Continue reading Made By Google Event 2017

This Week In Tech 09/24- 09/30/2017

This week Star Trek Discovery Premiered. The CEO of Equifax stepped down. Elon Musk did a talk at the IAU confrence about SpaceX, Mars, and the Moon.  Reviews of the Essential Phone are out. So Star Trek Discovery premeired last Sunday. It was good but just didn’t feel like Star Trek. The 1st couple episodes didn’t have the component of dealing with world issues. I know that I’m a week lat but I’m working on reviews for episodes 1 and 2. By the way I’m launching a new site At the International Astronautical Congress Elon Musk talked about hisInterplanetary Transport System … Continue reading This Week In Tech 09/24- 09/30/2017