Samsung Developer Confrence Opening Keynote 2018

Today Samsung held their annual developer confrence SDC. This event had lots of specualtion. They talked about Bixby, SmartThings and, Smart TVs. But they also announced the heavily rumored Foldable Phone Bixby Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant, they released it a couple years ago. Bixby will be coming to more devices (TVs, tablets and, smart speakers), it will also be opening up to more countries and more languages. They also announced that they are opening Bixby up to developers. SmartThings There weren’t many consomer announcments regardig SmartThings. They announced updates to the SmartThings Cloud, new APIs, and other dev tools. … Continue reading Samsung Developer Confrence Opening Keynote 2018

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017

Galaxy S8: They announced the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The phones will no bezel and the edge they call it the infinity display and curved edges. The device has an HDR display compasitive home button under the screen. it has a 8 megapixel front-facing camera. In security the phone uses biometric factors such as iris scanning, fingerprint (on the back of the phone), password, face recognition, no pattern locking. Samsung Health: Ask an expert connects you with a doctor The Bixby Digital Assistant: It understands context. You trigger it with a button on the side of the phone. Bixby is in … Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017

Samsung Mobile World Congress 2017 

5G technologies: 5G is as fast as gigabit. Samsung is launching their 5G infrastructure and also a 5G router and a partnership with Verizon.  Tablets: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is a tablet that has a 9.7 Inch AMOLED screen and supports 4K HDR has some sort of special game mode which blocks notifications. LTE version available. The new wireless keyboard works like the apple one. S-Pen in the box.  Galaxy Book: The Samsung Galaxy Book is a windows 2in1 it comes with the S-Pen in the box in 2 sizes 10 and 12 inch the 12 inch has a … Continue reading Samsung Mobile World Congress 2017 

Samsung Unpacked 2016

Earlier today Samsung hosted and event. Heres what they announced The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is waterproof. The phone has an iris sencor  The S-Pen is water and dust proof. Is compatable with usb-c fast-charging.THe phone has a sucure folder only accessable with iris.  New features in Samsung Notes include: text translation, pinning handwriten notes, handdrawn gifs, not digital lik Aapple Pencil, ip68 waterproof,   The phone has an HDR display  Vulcan API compatible. There will be giveaways for the Vulcan games.the phone supports upto 250gb SD cards the samsung browser will allow you to login to websites with the iris scanner and eventually have a password vault watch the video one of the presenters … Continue reading Samsung Unpacked 2016