Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

Samsung TVs all new Samsung TVs will have Bixby built-in Appliances   Computers Notebook 7 Spin The Notebook 7 Spin\ is a 2in1 computer that Samsung showed at CES Other Samsung Flip LG TVs Appliances   Phones LG announced the V30 at CES For inages of LG V30 Click Here* Other Cloi Cloi is LGs personal AI assistant device (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) it uses LGs ThinQ technology and can control LG appliances. Lenovo Computers ThinkPad X1 Its the premium version of the  X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga. It has Dolby Vision HDR and Amazon Alexa Arriving in January, the … Continue reading Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

LG CES 2018

This year at CES LG is focusing on AI with the announcement of their ThinQ AI platform. Thsi paltform can be intgrated with stuff from other brands. The LG Cloi is  smart home robot like Jibo. It uses AI intigrations to learn your habbits. Theres also the LG styler which is a clothing steamer it uses NFC to detect whzt settings to set the Styler to. They also showed off the LG smart fridge. This seams to be a lot better than Samsung’s. It can bring up recapies, notes, your calender, and more. This fridge also files customer service erquests … Continue reading LG CES 2018

LG CES Press Conference 2017 

​LG is putting webOS on their smart refrigerators. The dumbest but at the same time smartest feature is that it notifys you on birthdays and anniversaries. It also has Alexa and Amazon Dash built in.  They showed a robot that they called hub it a personal assistant they showed it playing music.   Home Entertainment: Their 2017 line of TVs will have SUHD which means colour would be more accurate and also have HDR. They also announced a feature called HDR Effect which basically modifys colour in spasific spots. The TVs will have Dolby Vision and for the first time in … Continue reading LG CES Press Conference 2017 

The Future Of Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been on the market for a few years but the popularity has not met expectations. A few weeks ago (when I decided to write this article when Lenovo announced that they weren’t going to make more additions to the moto360 line.) This year Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 2. Two weeks ago Pebble sold to Fitbit because they weren’t selling. Lately, pebble has been having to use Kickstarter again to fund new products. Trends say that Apple Watch and the Garmin smart watches are the top selling. Continue reading The Future Of Smartwatches

The Effect Of Cell Phones On Your Health

There have been multiple thoughts about how cellphones affect your health. Like that they cause cancer and that that the effect your sleep . A few years ago at the University Of Ohio a study took place looking at the the effects of cellphones on sleep. Between the ages of 18-39 they used their phones for a mean of 46.6 minutes per night. It deduced that: Media use might make it take longer to fall asleep (2). Media use might mean less time spent sleeping, thus reducing sleep (3). Bright light emitted by electronic devices might impact sleep quality (4). … Continue reading The Effect Of Cell Phones On Your Health

Sony@IFA 2016 

This  year at IFA Sony announced a new line of headphones the signature series Walkman and the Walkman  amp and stereo headphones. Today they also announced new noise canceling headphones. Today Sony also talked about a cool e-paper based smart watch A robot was also announced but not much information Today Sony Mobile announced the Xperia X series. Also talked about the Xperia Ear which is a in ear gesture based control. The Xperia Projecter is a Star Trek like holographic display. The Xperia X is the first smart phone a camera with a triple image. One of the sensors … Continue reading Sony@IFA 2016