This Week In Tech 05/13-05/20/2017

This week Google hosted their I/O conference, HTC announced their U11 phone, right to repair is in, Nintendo hosted another Direct, Biz Stone is back at Twitter.  At I/O Google announced lots of updates to Google Assistant, Photos, and lots more. They also announced Google Lens. For more information go to my post about I/O. And also lots of stuff, this summer Google Home is coming to Canada, Australia and a couple of other countries. Android also got some updates (the beta version of Android O is out you can enroll at On Tuesday HTC announced the HTC U11. It … Continue reading This Week In Tech 05/13-05/20/2017

What’s New In Android Google I/O 2017

Features pocture in picture in all apps multi display motification channels: allow you to set specific types of notifications fromspecific apps examples A personal user account including 2 notification channels: Notifications of new comments on your posts. Notifications recommending posts by your contacts. A business user account including 2 notification channels: Notifications of new comments on your posts. Notifications recommending posts by your contacts what specific channels can do Importance Sound Lights Vibration Show on lockscreen Override do not disturb   Continue reading What’s New In Android Google I/O 2017

Nintendo Direct 05/17/2017

Today Nintendo hosted a Direct focused on Arms   the grand prix was announced as the single player game mode In verus mode you have: fight which is just 10n1 team battle which is 2on2 hoops which is basketball and lots more in the arm getter you use in game currency to win new arms. if you get arms that you already have you level up. new fighter Helix is a “failed lab experiment” is a fighter that can stretch his whole body. in battle mode you have grand prix online or party mode can support 2 players on 10 switches … Continue reading Nintendo Direct 05/17/2017

This Week In Tech 05/07-05/13/2017

This week amazon announced the Echo Look and the Echo Show. Microsoft hosted their build confrence and announced that they will realese a competitor to the echo. Last Tuesday Amazon announced that they will be realecing two new Echo devices at the end of june. The Echo Look is a artificually inteligent camera with alexa style check which basically is meant to tell you if your clothes look good on you, and the Echo Show which is an Echo with a screen meant for the kitchen that has a screen and a webcam. They also announced that all Echo devices … Continue reading This Week In Tech 05/07-05/13/2017

Google I/O 2017

On wednesday Google hosted their I/O conference where they announced In stats they announced that they passed 2 billion active android users. Last year youtube passed 1 billion hours watched last year In products gmail on android and iOS will now have smart replies In android google lens allows identifies stuff like restaurants and passwords form routers from photos(the router password probably uses data from the device) when it sees a restraint sign it uses your location to bring up information about the restaurant like reviews. This would be in the photos app. Google Assistant will be coming to Android … Continue reading Google I/O 2017

This Week In Tech 04/30-05/06/2017

This microsoft hosted their EDU event. Pokémon was inducted into the video game hall of fame, Turkish courts vote on censorship of Wikipedia,  On Tuesday Microsoft hosted an event I didn’t write about it because I was really busy. They announced the Surface Laptop, Microsoft Teams for Schools, and lots more. A link to an article about the event by The Verge will be at the end of this article In other news Pokémon is one of this years inductees in to the Video Games Hall Of Fame. Also before I forget Microsoft announced that they are having an event … Continue reading This Week In Tech 04/30-05/06/2017

Nintendo Switch Review 

I got my Nintendo Switch about 2 months ago and I love it. The library of games is decent Zelda is great(I might eventually right a full review of it) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which realeced Friday(the best selling video game of the year so far) the indie games are good though. The system its self us decent it doesn’t have the same amount of processing power and frame rate as the other consoles of this generation. But it still works well it’s a tablet what else could expect from a tablet. The Switch has some features that wirk … Continue reading Nintendo Switch Review