This Week In Tech 01/14-01/20/2018

This week Nintendo announced a new product This week marks the end of support of Windows 8.1. Google Fi and Amazon Prime both getting price changes. This week Nintendo announced Labo a very interesting product. It is a series cardboard building kits that interact with the Nintendo Switch. Theres a piano kit that works with the Ir sencor in the joycon. Google is changing the price model of their Fi phone carier. Fi is introducing Bill protection which linits your bill at $60, Fi charges a flat  $20 monthly and $10 per GB, now you’ll get charged to a monthly … Continue reading This Week In Tech 01/14-01/20/2018

Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

Samsung TVs all new Samsung TVs will have Bixby built-in Appliances   Computers Notebook 7 Spin The Notebook 7 Spin\ is a 2in1 computer that Samsung showed at CES Other Samsung Flip LG TVs Appliances   Phones LG announced the V30 at CES For inages of LG V30 Click Here* Other Cloi Cloi is LGs personal AI assistant device (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) it uses LGs ThinQ technology and can control LG appliances. Lenovo Computers ThinkPad X1 Its the premium version of the  X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga. It has Dolby Vision HDR and Amazon Alexa Arriving in January, the … Continue reading Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

Nintendo Direct 01/11/2018

With a great trailer they announced that Dark Souls is coming to Nintendo Switch on Nay 25th it will include the previously realeced DLC. The next thing that was announced was that The World Ends With You Remix sometine this year Kirby Star Allies Comes out March 23rd The Deffinitive Edition of Legend Of Zelda Spinoff Hyrule Wariors is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring Msrio Tennis Aces is a new Mario Tennis game coming to Switch this Spring. A new mini-game hosted by Luigi called Balloon World is coming to #SuperMarioOdyssey in a free update next month! Move up … Continue reading Nintendo Direct 01/11/2018

Samsung CES 2018

The first thing that was announced was that starting this spring all Samsung IOT devices will be compatable with the SmartThings app. Tied to that they announced the SmartThings Cloud(it will work with all Harmin devices.).Bixby is becoming predictive by 2020 all Samsung devices will have Bixby. TVs They announced the universal TV guide on their smart TVs it allows you to see a TV guide like interface for streaming and also SmartThings. Bixby is also coming to Samsungs smart TVs Computers Samsung announced the Notebook 910 The S-Pen Is compatible with it. The next thing they announced was the … Continue reading Samsung CES 2018

LG CES 2018

This year at CES LG is focusing on AI with the announcement of their ThinQ AI platform. Thsi paltform can be intgrated with stuff from other brands. The LG Cloi is  smart home robot like Jibo. It uses AI intigrations to learn your habbits. Theres also the LG styler which is a clothing steamer it uses NFC to detect whzt settings to set the Styler to. They also showed off the LG smart fridge. This seams to be a lot better than Samsung’s. It can bring up recapies, notes, your calender, and more. This fridge also files customer service erquests … Continue reading LG CES 2018