Super Smash Bros Direct Fall 2018

On Thursday (didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted it) Nintendo and Sora Ltd (hosted by Masahiro Sakurai) held the “final Direct before Super Smash Bros Ultimate” . In the Direct they announced the last two characters before release. They also announced a new game mode and a whole bunch of new features.


Before the direct there were 72 characters (heres a list).. The first new characters that was announced was Ken from the Street Fighter series, his model is based on Super Street Fighter 2. The last characters announced was Insinaroar an Alola Region Pokèmon, they said that it uses “traditional wrestling moves”. 


They announced lots of new Amiibos, the Smash Ultimate Amiibos will release in a few waves. The first wave will include Ridley, Inkling and, Wolf (from Starfox). The first wave will come out December 7. The 2nd wave will be Knin K Rool (Zelda) and Ice Climbers (Ice Climbers), the seccond wave will come out February 15. The 3rd wave will include: Isabelle (Annimal Crossing), Pichu (Pokèmon), Young Link (Zelda) and, Daisy (Mario), the third wave will launch in 2019.


Spirits are essentually characters that aren’t fighters but can be merged into a fighter and enhance power of the fighter. There are two types of of them Primary and Seccondary, primary are what i just covered. Seccondary Spirits can be added to the Primary Spirit and give them extra skills.



The old online multiplayer modes have been removed and replaced by a combined sinle mode. Now matchmaking is based on prefered rules, GSP and, distance between players. There is alsoa mose that allows you to play in 2-player local CO-OP teams against other Co-Op teams. The Switch Online app will be intigrated with the games Battle Arena mode which is the private tournament mode. Also part of the online app Smash World a social media platform for the game.


They talked lots about settings, assist trophies and other stuff. One of the new features of that I like most is when playing local mulitplayer you can now set a handicap for each player,


They confirmed that there will be DLC. Each pack will include a stage, a character and, a music track. Also confirmed the DLC will cost $5.99 each. Lastly in DLC there will be aseason pass called the Fighter Pass it will include every DLC.

Suprise Gamemode Announcment!!!!!!

To end the presentation they showed a trailer for the adventure mode called World Of Light. Sakurai hinted that it ‘could’ be about how the Spirits came to be. The trailer was well produced and it looks like a good story.

Link To The Direct

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