AMD Big Navi Event

First off I don’t know much about GPU stuff but I’ll still cover it, at the end of the article I’ll link to other sources with more detailed reporting. Yesterday AMD held an announcement event where the detailed their new lineup of 6000 Series GPUs. 6000 Series has a bunch of new features Nvidia’s previous generation had and some new ones. The new GPUs are built on AMD’s 7nm process and will support Microsoft’s Direct Storage API. They also announced that the new gen GPUs will also have some fancy interfacing features with AMD GPUs. Specs 6800 6800 XT 6900 … Continue reading AMD Big Navi Event

Leaks Are Coming In For 4 New Phones 

Rumors are running wild for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Rumors say it will have no bezel, the new Snapdragon 835 processor, a 3.5mm headphone jack, 64GB integrated storage (with up to 256GB expandable), and a USB-C data/charge port.  In Google news they might be realcing two new phones the Pixel 2 a high end phone and the Pixel 2b a low end Android One phone. Not much is known about the possible new Pixel Phones.  Continue reading Leaks Are Coming In For 4 New Phones