Made By Google 2019

Yesterday, Google held their annual Made By Google hardware event. They did the usual in announcing the new Pixel device and also a few other devices. There was a huge focus on IoT.


Stadia will be available on November 19,

Pixel Buds

The Pixel Buds seem to just be a hardware refresh of just making them true wireless. There’s a feature that allows the volume to dynamically adjust. They will talk mare about them in the coming months. The Pixel Buds will release next year for $179 US.

Environmental Commitments

Google is going to be investing $150k into their manufacturing pipeline to catalyze $1.5 million in into renewable energy. They are committing to using 100% recycled plastic in manufacturing of the Nest Mini speaker.

Pixelbook Go

Next, they talked about the Pixelbook Go. They didn’t talk much about the specs (just check the leaks). The Go will have a 2x larger battery than the original. The base model comes with an Intel m3 processor, 64 GB storage, HD display and, 8GB of RAM (up to i9 processor, 256GB of storage, 4K screen and, 16 GB of RAM). You can pre-order now (in the US and Canada, the UK in January) Starting at $649 US.

Nest Home

The Nest Mini is going to come with a wall mount. It will come in a new color option of Sky. It also now has on-device processing. You now can call the Hone devices from your phone. It will cost $49 US and you can pre-order now (Google Store) and will be available at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other retailers on October 22.

Nest Aware

They are changing the pricing structure. Now all the Home devices will have sound detection and will be able to detect smoke alarms and be able to direct you to call 911 from anywhere.

Nest Wi-Fi

The new Nest Wi-Fi will have a new design. It will also have Smart Hub capabilities and a built-in Google Assistant speaker. You can pre-order it now and it will release on November 4 for $269 US for a one router / one point pack and $349 for the one router / two point pack. It will also release retail at Target, Best Buy and more retailers.

Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 will have Google’s Soli Radar technology. The Soli radar gives the user access to more gestures done in front of the sensor. They talked a little bit about apps and Assistant. The phone has a 90hz refresh rate. When you buy the 

Pixel 4


phone you get 3 months of Google One free.



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Made By Google 2018

They started off by listing off all the new annoncments: The Pixel 3, The Pixel Slate, and the Google Home Hub. Google Devices hove won over 45 design awards. Google is merging Nest back into Google. First the Google Home Hub, it is Google’s smart display. Google first talked about their Smart Displays at CES (I think). I has a 8 inch displayThe UI actually looks really good. it is compatible with most thing the regular Home is. It has a feature that makes it act as a digital picture frame when not in use. Preorder today get on October … Continue reading Made By Google 2018

Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Yesterday Google held their annual I/O event. they made lots of cool and innovative announcment. Waymo was also there. But there were no hardware announcments (other than that the Smart Displays that were announced in January at CES are realecing in July), guess we’d have to wait til the fall. The first thing that was announced is that Gboard will soon support Morse Code. Then they announced a bunch of updates to GMail including autocomplete in gmail web (it includes calender events, addresses from your contacts, etc). Google Photos cane enxt with the introduction of Suggested sharing and AI reccomended … Continue reading Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Made By Google Event 2017

Yesterday Google hosted an event. They announced lots of stuff including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Also stuff about Google Home and other new stuff. First Up on stage was Sundar Pachai he started talking stats and AI. Not much new there. Then Rick Osterloh who talked about more stats and also mentioned that google home is and how its been accepted by the general population . Google Home Hands-Free calling is coming to the UK.  Now for actuale hardware. The first thing they announced was the Google Home Mini which is a smalller and Dougnut shaped Google Home. … Continue reading Made By Google Event 2017

What’s New In Android Google I/O 2017

Features pocture in picture in all apps multi display motification channels: allow you to set specific types of notifications fromspecific apps examples A personal user account including 2 notification channels: Notifications of new comments on your posts. Notifications recommending posts by your contacts. A business user account including 2 notification channels: Notifications of new comments on your posts. Notifications recommending posts by your contacts what specific channels can do Importance Sound Lights Vibration Show on lockscreen Override do not disturb   Continue reading What’s New In Android Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2017

On wednesday Google hosted their I/O conference where they announced In stats they announced that they passed 2 billion active android users. Last year youtube passed 1 billion hours watched last year In products gmail on android and iOS will now have smart replies In android google lens allows identifies stuff like restaurants and passwords form routers from photos(the router password probably uses data from the device) when it sees a restraint sign it uses your location to bring up information about the restaurant like reviews. This would be in the photos app. Google Assistant will be coming to Android … Continue reading Google I/O 2017

Made By Google Event

Yesterday at the googleplex Google hosted an event they were rumored to to announce the Pixel Phone and the Google Home and Google Assistant.  The Pixel Phone will be the first phone with Google Assistant. The phone also has round icons. Assistant also has Now On Tap like feature but also uses apps that you have. Now for the camera it is the highest rating that has ever been given to a smartphone. Duo will be pre installed unto 7 hours of power in 15 minutes.  5 and 5.5 inche models in blue(limited time), $649 us pre-order.  They also announced … Continue reading Made By Google Event