Nintendo@E3 2018

Yesterday Nintendo held their E3 Direct. They announced lots of nrw games, a couple of new Amiibos, and the new Smash Bros.

Daemon X Machina is a new Mech battle game. The game is coming out on Nintendo Switch. The game will realese sometime in 2019.

The seccond thing announced was a new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC. I don’t know what I htink about it I’ve never played that game but it looks interesting and fun.

Then they made one of the biggest announcments the new Pokėmon game. THey talked about Pokemon Lets Go PIkachu and Lots Go Eevee. The game was actually announced at a video game confrence in Japan. The game is more aimed at new players who started playing Pokemon with Pokemon Go. The games are remakes of Pokemon Yellow. In Lets Go Pikachu your starter is Pikachu, Eevee is in Lets Go Eevee. The game takes place in the Kanto Region. They are also lots of new and ajusted mechanics. including: co-op multiplayer, Pokemon capturing is more like Pokemon Go (so no battleing just catching), Like all of the Gen 7 game there aren’t HMs and, the most awaited feature your Pokemon following you. The biggest feature new is a Pokemon Go intiration. Lastly they will be realecing the Pokeball+ a special Pokeball JoyCon controller that also works as a Pokeman Go+. The gameand Pokeball+ will cost CDN$ 59.96 and will launch on November 16.

The next announcment was Super Mario Party. Mario Party is a franchise of games that is a compelation of multiplayer and co-op games. The game looks fun for the first time in the series it will have multi-system co-op because it of a frachise that is typically on consoles. The game will cost $79.99 CDN and come out October 5th.

Next they announced another long awaited title Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is the Fire Emblem game for Switch that has been talked about for a while. It looks like a fun game (I’ve never played any Fire Emblem games). The trailer was really good. The game looks alot different then all recent Fire Emblem games because it’s the first one on console. The games realese date hasn’t been announced.

Here are a few new ports of previously announced games that were announced for Switch, Overcooked 2 was announced and is coming this August. Fortnite was announced as a 10am (right after the presentation) realese, so its out now. Octopath Traveler is getting a new demo on June 14th.

The final and biggest announcment was Smash For Switch. The games title is Super Smash Bros: Ultimate. Nintendo spent over half of the presentation on it. Every charecter that has been in a Smash game will be in Ultimate. For the first time you will need to  unlock charecters to play as them, you will start with about eight.  There are lots of new mechanics: first Kirby now has a copy ability for every fighter, Daisy is now peaches echo fihgter, and Mario now has Cappy (they didn’t specify if Cappy is a new mechanic or just part of his costume). New charecters include the Inkling (from the Splatoon franchise), Stuffel, Solgaleo (from Pokemon) and, Ridley (from Metroid).