PlayStation@E3 2018

A couple of days ago Sony held their PlayStation E3 Press confrence. THey showed off lots of games, some big titles, some unannounced titles, and SpiderMan.

Firstly the format of the presentation was weird. So to start in the pre-show, they announced The Last Of Us Part II. The graphics look good and the story sound interesting. Then they announced Call Of Duty: Black OPs 3 coming to PS4. They also announced a new VR game Ghost Giant. Now for the  final game of the pre-show they announced a new DLC for Destiny.

Then to start the actua; confrence they announced Days Gone. The game has great graphics and the story looks really good.

Then they announced Control. Control is a 3rd person shooter. there wasn’t much infromation about the game. This game looks really good.

Then they announced Resident Eveil 2 a remake of the classic game.   redone Thgrapics look gread. The story looks interesting. It hink  I will play it.

The next game they talked about was Trevor Saves The World. It is an animated game by Justin Roiland co-creator of Rick And Morty. The game looks o have a good story and be really funny. I want to play this game.

Then they takled about Kingdom Hearts. First they announced a Kingdom Hearts All-In-One pack. The they started talking about Kingdom Hearts 3, they showed a new traiker. They announced the PS4 exclusive Pirates Of The Caribian world. They also announced a special edition PS4. All of this launches on January 29 2019.

THen they talked about Neoh 2 but don’t have notes about it.

Now for the big annoucment SpiderMan. They showed a new trailer it looks really good. This game is really true to the franchise. There is also the Spiderman type comodey. The graphics are really good. Now we’ve reached the end of the actual presentation. In the post-show they showed lots of gameplay.