Square Enix@E3 2018

Yesterday Square Enix held their E3 press confrence. It was alot shorter than expected. But they still announced and gave more info about lots of great looking games.

First they showed off mre of Shadow Of The Tumb Raider. This game looks really good. It a Tumb Raider game so the story should be roughly the same of as all the old ones (trying to sucsessfully raid tumbs and not be stoppped on the way).

After that they talked about Final Fantasey XIV. It looks fun like any Final Fantasey does to me (I’ve nover played one), The traler was well produced and the gameplay that came after looks great. The Final Fantasey game will also include characters from Monster Hunter.

Then came The Awsome Adventures Of Captain Spirit which looks to be very story heavy and interesting. It follows a boy who dreams of being a superhero on his dreamed up adventures. This game is developed by the people who made Life Is Strange. I will definitly get it. The game realeces on June 26tn and is FREE!!!!

Octopath Travler was next, They showed a new trailer and announced that it is coming out on July 13th. It looks like an interesting game, I don’t know if I want to play in though because I tried the demo and got stuck within my first couple minutes playing. By the way its a Switch exclusive,

Then they talked about Just Cause 4. It looks like a great game, the graphics are great and the story seems to look pretty good. It takes place in Solice a fictional south american country, New Veichles include bulldozers, car tansporters, trains, and more. Your graple is now customizable. It comes out on December 4th.

Then they showed off a trailer for the long awaited (but announced the day before by XBOX) game Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer was largely reused from the XBOX breifing. Kingdom Hearts is a frenchise of video games where charechter from all of the disney franchises come together to make great games. The story in looks great. Frozen and mrarvel charecters join the franchise. The game comes out on January 29 2019 for XBox One and PS4.