Ubisoft@E3 2018

A few days ago Ubisoft held their E3 press confrence, They announced lots of big games like: Beyond Good And Evil 2 and DLC for For Honor and  more about Starlink: Battle For Atlas.

The first game that they talked about was Beyond Good And Evil 2. It is a space opera game, you play as the captain of a starship. The graphics look decent (don’t think they are all final content). The coolest thing that they abbounced is that fans can contribute to the game (art, music, and story content) with a program that I think is called Hit Record.

The next game they anouunced was Trials Rising. Trials is a franchise of racing games. This game looks really great I might spend some time in this game. Oh I forgot, It is a motorcycle racing game. It comes out in Febuary 2019 on all consoles and PC.

The next game they announced was The Divsion 2. Divsion 2 is an RPG where you play as someone investigating a virus that started spreading on Black Friday through the transfer of money. The goal is just to survive. The game will launch on March 15 2019 and all DLC is going to be free.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was the next game they talked about. They started the segment on the game with a short concert with music form the Donkey Kong DLC That is coming later this month, the music was really great. The DLC comes out on June 26th.

Next came Skull N Bones, its a new pirate game. It looks really fun and seems to have a really good storyline. Piracey is dead in the caribbean moving to the Indian ocean. You are trying to  start a new piracy business in the Indian ocean. The game will launch at some point in 2019.

Next a new IP, its called Transferance. The concept of the game is being stuck in someone elses conscious. Its a pycological thriller that seems to be really emotional. It looks like a fun and interesting game. The games launch is unknown but it will be in VR and on traditional consoles.

Next a game I really want to play, Starlink: Battle For Atlas. If you want more details on it I think I covered it last year. To be quick it is an open world space opera/starship battle game.  Starfox is coming to the game as a Switch exclusive. Preorder now at starlinkgame.com, the game comes out on October 16th.

The next game they talked about was For Honor. They are giving away the game for the rest of the week on PC. They also announced a new DLC, it looks interesting but I haven’t played For Honor so I can’t comment. The DLC adds 4 new factions, new fighters, and Castle Seige which I think is a Battle Royalle mode.

The next game they talked about was The Crew 2. The Crew 2 is a racing game I think this game isn’t more realistic than Fortza but it is in my opinion better. The game looks fun and has great graphics. The game comes out on June 29th with an Open Beta starting June 21 but you can preload it now.

The last game they talked about was Assassins Creed: Odyssey. (my notes were writen during the trailer which was before the name of the game was announced)/.  The game looks really interesting and fun. The story is really good, emotional, and interesting.  The game looks to be a war game that takes place in the Roman era. You now can now choose your charecter that you play as.