EA@E3 2018

A couple of days ago EA hosted their E3 predd confrence they takled about their sports titles, Battlefield V, Anthem, a few of their EA Origionals titles, and Star Wars

So first they talked about Battlefield V. For the first time everything is movable and customizable. The game takes place durring WWII. It will also have a battle royale mode. The game comes out October 19th

Then they talked about EA Sports starting with FIFA 19. EUFA is coming to FIFA 19 it will be playable in every mode. This year World Cup mode is back. It’s coming out on PS4, XBox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Realeces September 19th, free trial now. Than NBA Live 19 comes out September 7th.

Then they talked about Anthem. Anthem is a shared world FPS. YOur base is a singleplayer area. Your gear is fully customizable and no lootboxes.

They talked a bit about two EA origionals. One is called Unraveled 2 (oviusly a sequal, TBH I missed this part). Sea Of Solitude whice is an RPG  about emotions. That game looks great.

They anounced a Command And Conquer mobile game called Command And Conquer: Rivals. It looks like a game I’d play for a bit then delete off my phone but redownload  and let just sit there and play every so oftem.

Now for the big one (or I guess two) Star Wars. First they talked a little bit about their upcoming title. The game will be called Jedi Fallen Order. It will take place during the “Dark Times” (between  3 and 4). It will come out Holiday next year. Then they talked about BattleFront Firstly announcing that they are removing all lootboxes. There is also a Solo:A Star Wars Story DLC coming next week, and a Clone Wars DLC adding General Grevius, Obi Wan, and Aniken Skywalker. Coming later this year,

I’m not going to be writing about the XBox briefing because the format is to hard.