Nintendo Direct: March 26 2020

Yesterday, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct they announced a bunch of games and also gave a bunch of updates about the Pokémon DLC.

The first thing that was announced was the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and a few other details. It will have an upgraded UI and a new epilogue story. It will be available on May 29 and you also have the option to get it in a bundle with an art book. 

Next, Nintendo announced that 2K will be bringing a few of their classics the Switch. Bioshock: The Collection, XCOM 2 Collection and, Borderlands Legendary Collection are those games but they didn’t give many details. All of them will be launching on May 29 for $49.99 US each but they all will require downloads (Bioshock won’t require on launch day but will in the future). 

Next, they showed a trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 DLC. They just showed a trailer and didn’t give any extra details. Read Destructoid’s review here.

Next was Shinseki: To The Depths which is an interesting looking underwater exploration platformer. It is a game I definitely want to play. Shinseki: To The Depths is available now. 

Animal Crossing updates were the next. The launch day update includes the Bunny Day event which includes an egg collection game and special items. They also announced that the Earth Day event will happen in late April. 

Next, they announced that indie game Good job and Cathrine. Good Job is Kind of like 10 Point Hospital but in a business environment. Cathrine is an interesting platformer about love and relationships.

Ring Fit Adventure will be getting a huge update. The most considerable feature in the update is the addition of a rhythm mode. The rhythm mode will include a selection of songs from different Nintendo IPs (ex. Jump Up Superstar from Super Mario Odyssey). They also announced the addition of a female voice option for Ring, the option to change the game language and Jogging mode. The updates are available now.

Next, they talked about Kings Bounty 2. They just showed a trailer the only feature update that they mentioned was an updated character. It’s coming out later this year. 

Next, they announced that the next Expansion Pass character for Smash will be a character from Arms. They didn’t announce which character. The expansion pass will be coming out in June. Also on the topic of Arms, they announced that they’re doing a free trial for Nintendo Online members. It’s on now until April 6.

Bravely Default was the next topic. Bravely is a battle RPG I think that it’s been talked about previously but I don’t remember all the details. It looks really interesting. The demo is out now and the game will release later this year. 

Next, was Clubhouse Games a collection of tabletop games. It contains 51 total games. Clubhouse Games releases June 5th.

The next topic was a game called Ninjala. It’s essentially Splatoon with a ninja skin. It has an interesting game that I definitely want to try out. It comes out on May 27th and will be free to play.

They announced next that two of the most acclaimed old Star Wars games are coming to Switch. Jedi Academy and Tie Fighter, the latter is out now and the former is listed as coming soon. 

Next, they played More coming to Nintendo Switch video:

Elder Scrolls BladesThis Spring
VigorApril 7
FUSER*This Fall
Burnout Paradise RemasteredThis Year
Saints Row IVOut Now
The Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel 3June 30
Mr DRILLER DrillLandJune 25
Minecraft DungeonsSpring
* by the same studio as Rock Band

Lastly, they gave more details about the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. In the Isle of Armor, You can challenge either the Tower of Water or the Tower of Darkness (once you obtain Cubfu). You may only bring Cubfu to challenge the towers. After beating the Tower Cunfu will evolve into Urshifu and learn a different gmax more depending on the Tower you challenged. The DLC will also include gmax forms for the fully evolved forms of the starters and also new clothing options.

In other Pokemon news, there will be increased Raid rates and also Copperajah and Duraludon will be available in Raids in Sword and Garbodor and Charizard in Shield.

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