It’s Been A GREAT Week In Space Travel

Started Writing: March 7 2019 (for understanding of wording. The update was written the date of posting.).

Wow it’s been a busy week in space with the progress of SpaceX DM-1 and the test of the Crew Dragon (the first anerican manned spacecraft to be tested since the sun setting of the space shuttle). This was an unmanned launch so no one was on the craft.

The Crew Dragon successfully launched from KSC Launch Complex 39-A at 3:30 Sunday. Crew Dragon was carrying Ripley (an anthropimorphic test dumbie that has lots of sensors) and a few other science experiments. It’s rocket boosters were than successfully recovered on the droneship Of Course I Still Love You.


Post-Launch Press Confrence

Just over a day later Crew Dragon docked to the ISS after doing a number of tests. A little bit later it was announced that all the tests were successful. After docking the cew of the ISS ran more tests.

Today, Crew Dragon successful undocking reentery and, Splachdown. After undocking there more tests ran but we don’t have result data yet. Reentery was great and it was safely recovered.


After this I am awaiting more from the Commercial Crew Program. The next hing from the program is the test of the CST-100 (Boeing). SpaceX’s next test flight (the first manned flight) of Crew Dargon will be in approximately July. But first before the manned flight is going to be doing an abor test in the next few months. 

Update (03/11/2019): The recovery ships carrying Crew Dragon arrived in port on Saturday. Today, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine unvieled the NASA budget.

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