Apollo 11 Documentary Movie Review

To preface this review was initially posted to my Letterboxd account (Jammer2001). I originally posted the review in multiple because I got a little bit more information from a review that I watched about an hour ago (I saw the movie a couple of days ago).


I don’t know exactly what category this movie falls into, but it’s really good. This movie is a combination of the actual tapes from the mission and what seems to be re-enactment film from the days leading up to the launch and mission control. The launch footage was enhanced really well and it is also completely accurate. Now to the negative: The movie has a total of about 15 minutes of graphics showing mission progress without dialogue. Also the editor for some reason put music in the background of the whole movie even the radio calls and archive video. My lowest point of the movie is that there is no interview or recorded (in hinesite) talk. Overall though I give the movie 6.8/10.

Actually I found out that all the footage was high quality archived footage (taken for a never produced documentary from 1969). Also the majority of the audio is from a 30 channel recording that was actually from mission control. That updates my review score to an 8.

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