This Week In Tech 11/04-11/10/2018

This week there was lots of important tech news. Samsung held an event, the French may impose a Bitcoin tax, SapceX an a smaller version of the BFR, news about Disney’s streaming service, the Co-founder of VIne talked more about his new social network and, so much more in the other news section.

Samsung Event

On Tuesday, Samsung held their annual developer confrence SDC. At SDC they announced lots of new things. Also they announced that they are opening up an API for Bixby to developers. The final thing that was announced was the heaviy runored fodable phone, For more information about the event you can read my article.

French Bitcoin Tax

On Wednesday Reuters reported that the French finance commission backed plans (not signed in to law) to ease capital gains taxes for bitcoin. The tax will be lowered from 36.2% to a flat 30%.


On Wednesday, Elon Musk tweeted that SpaceX will use a Falcon 9 to run equipment testing for the BFR. The second stage of said Falcon 9 rocket will “like a mini-BFR ship”. He didn’t give much more details but I’ll keep  you updated.

Disney Streaming Service

On Wednesday, Disney announced more details about their upcoming streaming service during their earnings call. They announced that the service will be called Disney+, it will have lots of original content and, will be made public in 2019.

Vine Co-founder’s New Conpany

On Thursday, Dom Hoffman (Co-founder of Vine) announced on Twitter that he is working on a revival of Vine called Byte (formally known as v2). Byte will be a Vine like social network. It’s coming in spring 2019.

Other News

In other news, Elon Musk’s Boring Company showed off it’s test tunnel. Also regarding Elon Musk; Tesla also has a new chairperson, her name is Robyn Denholm she used to be the CFO of Australian telco Telstra. Apple devices can now be purchased on Amazon. There is finally a YouTube app on Nintendo Switch. Dropbox is now introducng Extentions, xbox mouse and keyboard support next week, Amazon is relesing a physical toy catalog for the holidays, Alexa is now going to be on all Windows PCs and, Rocket Lab completes its first commercial launch

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