Super Smash Bros Direct Fall 2018

On Thursday (didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted it) Nintendo and Sora Ltd (hosted by Masahiro Sakurai) held the “final Direct before Super Smash Bros Ultimate” . In the Direct they announced the last two characters before release. They also announced a new game mode and a whole bunch of new features. Characters Before the direct there were 72 characters (heres a list).. The first new characters that was announced was Ken from the Street Fighter series, his model is based on Super Street Fighter 2. The last characters announced was Insinaroar an Alola Region Pokèmon, they said that it uses “traditional wrestling moves”.  Amiibos They … Continue reading Super Smash Bros Direct Fall 2018

Nintendo Direct 01/11/2018

With a great trailer they announced that Dark Souls is coming to Nintendo Switch on Nay 25th it will include the previously realeced DLC. The next thing that was announced was that The World Ends With You Remix sometine this year Kirby Star Allies Comes out March 23rd The Deffinitive Edition of Legend Of Zelda Spinoff Hyrule Wariors is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring Msrio Tennis Aces is a new Mario Tennis game coming to Switch this Spring. A new mini-game hosted by Luigi called Balloon World is coming to #SuperMarioOdyssey in a free update next month! Move up … Continue reading Nintendo Direct 01/11/2018