A Closer Look at the Thrilling Game Announcements from Sony’s PlayStation Showcase

Sony’s recent PlayStation Showcase event sent waves of excitement through the gaming community as it unveiled a treasure trove of game announcements and hardware updates. From thrilling sequels to groundbreaking titles, the showcase offered a glimpse into the future of gaming on the PlayStation platform. The event showcased an impressive lineup of games, ranging from Fairgame$ and Helldivers 2 to Immortals of Aveum and Ghostrunner 2, captivating players with their unique gameplay experiences. Alongside the game announcements, Sony also introduced exciting hardware updates, including the much-anticipated Project Q handheld device and PlayStation Earbuds. This article provides a closer look at the game announcements and hardware reveals that left fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in gaming on the PlayStation 5 and beyond.

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PlayStation@E3 2018

A couple of days ago Sony held their PlayStation E3 Press confrence. THey showed off lots of games, some big titles, some unannounced titles, and SpiderMan. Firstly the format of the presentation was weird. So to start in the pre-show, they announced The Last Of Us Part II. The graphics look good and the story sound interesting. Then they announced Call Of Duty: Black OPs 3 coming to PS4. They also announced a new VR game Ghost Giant. Now for the ¬†final game of the pre-show they announced a new DLC for Destiny. Then to start the actua; confrence they … Continue reading PlayStation@E3 2018