This Week In Tech 09/24- 09/30/2017

This week Star Trek Discovery Premiered. The CEO of Equifax stepped down. Elon Musk did a talk at the IAU confrence about SpaceX, Mars, and the Moon.  Reviews of the Essential Phone are out.

So Star Trek Discovery premeired last Sunday. It was good but just didn’t feel like Star Trek. The 1st couple episodes didn’t have the component of dealing with world issues. I know that I’m a week lat but I’m working on reviews for episodes 1 and 2. By the way I’m launching a new site

At the International Astronautical Congress Elon Musk talked about hisInterplanetary Transport System codemaned BFR (Big Fucking Rocket), He said that they aim to be at mars by 2024 and have a robot ship to set up the infrastructure that is needed on mars. I’ll try to write a full article on this.

Reviews of the Essential Phone are out. The phone got really great reviews.

In the week ahead, Google is hosting an event where it’s specualted that Google will announce a new Pixel Phone and possablly a Pixel computer devicd and new Google Assistant intgrated devices.

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