Made By Google Event 2017

Yesterday Google hosted an event. They announced lots of stuff including the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Also stuff about Google Home and other new stuff.

First Up on stage was Sundar Pachai he started talking stats and AI. Not much new there.

Then Rick Osterloh who talked about more stats and also mentioned that google home is and how its been accepted by the general population . Google Home Hands-Free calling is coming to the UK. 

Now for actuale hardware. The first thing they announced was the Google Home Mini which is a smalller and Dougnut shaped Google Home. Nest is intigrating more with Google  Home. oming October 19 for $49. Then they announced the Google Home Mox a Home family device that specializes in music I think that is has built in smart DJ software. It has some sort of room tracking software to adjust the tunong of the speaker. Launching first in the US on November 13 with YouTube Music until Febuary for $399.

The Google Pixel family was next. The 1st device announced was the PixelBook a convertable Chromebook.