Nintendo Direct April 2017

The Direct a bit of a different format so a lot of less information but lots more games  

New Pikmam game on 3DS July

Evers Oasis June 23rd

Monster Hunter Stories: Fall

Yokai-Watch 2 DLC: fall

RPG Maker: June 22nd

Miitopia: later this year 

Fire Emblem Echos: 

Kirby Clash: this summer eshop

Kirby Blowout Bash: Summer

New Zelda Amiibo: June 23rd



New character Minmin arms made of romin and a hand that is a dragon

2on2 battles

June 16th realese 

Ultra-Street Fighter:

May 11th eshop

Sonic Force:


Sonic Mania:


Puyo Puyo Tetris:

Demo today

Monopoly for Switch:


Rayman Legends Definitive Edition:

Later this year

Namco Museum:

Allows you to play old Namco games including Pac-Man


Neon yellow joycons and straps along side of arms 

also a joycon battery pack

Stand alone dock available May 13th 

Splatoon 2:

New Mode salmon run

4 player co-op mode campaign

New Amiibo

Realese July 21st

Link to the direct:

Link to playlist of trailers: