Samsung Unpacked 2016

Earlier today Samsung hosted and event. Heres what they announced

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is waterproof. The phone has an iris sencor  The S-Pen is water and dust proof. Is compatable with usb-c fast-charging.THe phone has a sucure folder only accessable with iris. 

New features in Samsung Notes include: text translation, pinning handwriten notes, handdrawn gifs, not digital lik Aapple Pencil, ip68 waterproof,


The phone has an HDR display  Vulcan API compatible. There will be giveaways for the Vulcan games.the phone supports upto 250gb SD cards

the samsung browser will allow you to login to websites with the iris scanner and eventually have a password vault

watch the video one of the presenters is realy funny:Video here