Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017

Galaxy S8:

They announced the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The phones will no bezel and the edge they call it the infinity display and curved edges. The device has an HDR display compasitive home button under the screen. it has a 8 megapixel front-facing camera. In security the phone uses biometric factors such as iris scanning, fingerprint (on the back of the phone), password, face recognition, no pattern locking.

Samsung Health:

Ask an expert connects you with a doctor

The Bixby Digital Assistant:

It understands context. You trigger it with a button on the side of the phone. Bixby is in the camera. If you see something you want to buy it will show you where to buy it. Bixby will also has a card system like Google Now. Samsung Connect allows you to control your smart home devices right from Bixby. The Samsung Connect Home is a smart router (like Eero or Google WIFI). 

It the S8 is 5.8 inches and the plus is 6.2 they both come in black, grey, blue, silver,  and gold. The S8 starts $720 the Plus starts at $840. Preorders start tomorrow, the phones realese on April 21st. 


Gear VR:

The are realeseing a motion controller. Paramount is making a Gear VR experience exclusive for Ghost In The Shell. And some Live Nation concerts and a UFC event. BuzzFeed will be making VR content 

Gear 360:

The New Gear 360 shoots in 4K and supports live streaming. Also a social app. Realeseing on 


DeX is like Windows continuum it allows you to use the phone in a dock and it projects on to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. 

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