Apple’s AR Breakthrough at WWDC, SpaceX’s Lunar Mission Setback, and Summer Game Fest Excitement: Weekly Tech Roundup

This week, Apple revealed game-changing tech at WWDC: the Vision Pro AR headset and the powerful Mac Pro. However, legal turmoil emerged as Wilson Aerospace sued Boeing over alleged intellectual property theft. On a brighter note, Summer Game Fest captivated gamers with thrilling announcements, the “Interesting Thing of the Week” and other noteworthy news in our “Other News” section.


Apple made significant announcements at this week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), capturing the attention of tech enthusiasts. The highlight was the introduction of the Apple Vision Pro, an augmented and mixed reality headset set to redefine the AR/MR landscape. Completing their transition to Apple Silicon, Apple unveiled the powerful Mac Pro, emphasizing impressive performance and expandability. Updates to other Mac hardware were also announced, showcasing Apple’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. On the software front, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS received notable updates, bringing new features and enhancements to improve user experiences across devices. These announcements demonstrate Apple’s dedication to innovation and delivering top-notch solutions for professionals and users in various industries.

Apple acquires Mira

Apple’s acquisition of AR hardware company Mira came to light during WWDC, despite the surprising absence of any mention of it during the conference. The confirmation of the acquisition itself came from a fortuitous discovery by a reporter from The Verge, who happened to stumble upon the information. Mira’s extensive expertise in developing immersive augmented reality solutions, showcased by their involvement in projects like Super Nintendo World, establishes them as a prominent player in the AR industry. Apple’s decision to acquire Mira holds the potential to have a significant impact on their position in the AR market, demonstrating their commitment to expanding their presence and exploring new opportunities within this rapidly evolving field. Apple’s acquisition of Mira and the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro demonstrate Apple’s strong interest and commitment to augmented reality.

Space News

Wilson Aerospace has filed a lawsuit against Boeing, accusing them of stealing its intellectual property. The lawsuit centers around a specific tool called the Fluid Fitting Torque Device-3, which Wilson claims Boeing used without permission, leading to the development of a cheaper solution by Wilson’s competitors. The lawsuit also alleges that Boeing’s actions resulted in leaks on the International Space Station and the Space Launch Systems rocket. Meanwhile, NASA expresses concern over delays in SpaceX’s development of the Starship vehicle for the Artemis program’s moon missions. SpaceX’s challenges could potentially postpone the first crewed lunar landing to 2026. SpaceX needs to conduct multiple launches to fuel the Starship lander and demonstrate its readiness. Recent setbacks, such as the failed Starship test flight, add to the uncertainty. Despite the concerns, NASA maintains confidence in SpaceX’s capabilities but emphasizes the importance of adhering to the timeline. The Artemis program aims to establish a sustainable human presence on the moon and pave the way for future missions to Mars.

Summer Game Fest

Summer Game Fest 2023 brought exciting announcements and updates for gamers. Mortal Kombat 1 captivated fans with a fresh take on the iconic fighting game series, set to release on September 19. Porsche and Xbox teamed up to offer a limited edition Porsche-themed Xbox Series X through a sweepstakes, delighting fans of both brands. Star Trek Infinite, a grand strategy game, promised an immersive experience in the beloved Star Trek universe. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth revealed its second installment, set to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive and continuing the epic remake. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 introduced new locations, keeping players on the edge of their seats. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 thrilled PlayStation fans with the opportunity to control both Miles Morales and Peter Parker in their battle against Kraven the Hunter. These highlights, alongside a variety of other captivating games, ensured that gamers had an exhilarating Summer Game Fest..

Week Ahead

This week, gaming enthusiasts have a lot to anticipate as (what used to be) E3 takes center stage. The schedule includes a range of events such as the MIX | Guerrilla Collective, Monster Hunter Sunbreak Digital Event, Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital, Xbox Games Showcase, and more. Prominent game developers and publishers like Ubisoft, Capcom, and UploadVR will also be showcasing their latest offerings. Gamers can expect exciting announcements, previews, and updates from the gaming industry throughout the week, making it a highly anticipated period for gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

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Interesting Things of the Week

Other News

In other news, Minecraft has launched on Chromebooks, expanding its reach to a new platform and delighting fans of the popular game. Samsung has announced the date for its Unpacked event, generating anticipation among tech enthusiasts for the company’s latest innovations. Spotify is testing a feature called ‘Your Offline Mix’ to enhance the offline listening experience for its users. General Motors has followed Ford in adopting Tesla’s EV charging standard, a significant move in the automotive industry. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has added its first generative AI feature to Messenger, aiming to improve user interactions. Furthermore, 1password has introduced Passkey support for its web client, offering users a more seamless and secure way to manage their online credentials.

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