CES 2023

FIrst off, It’s been a while since I posted here but I decided to step away from college for a vartiey of reasons, so I’ll have a lot more time to work on the site. Now onto CES.

Last week CES was held in Las Vegas, like every year exhibitors showed off new products and concepts, In this post I’ll link out to

C8 EV hydrofoil boat


Afeela Car Prototype

Samsung Flex Fold Hybrid

This one’s actually pretty cool, it’s a folding and sliding laptop panel. This is a product that I think is more likely to be seen (in devices) on the market at some point as lots of things Samsung Display does do.

Roku Manufactured TVs

One of the most surprising stories from CES is that Roku announced that they are gonna start manufacturing TVs:


ThinkBook Plus Twist


Refresh Rate12Hz60Hz
Price$1649 US

Yoga Book 9i


Screen Size2x 13.3-Inch
ReleaseJune 2023

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