Big News Regarding Facebook

So last Tuesday, Facebook disclosed that they discovered a few “security issues’ with a few features. In this article, I’ll discuss the original story, updates to the story and, what to do to fix ot on your end.

The Beguning

Last Facebook announced in a blog post that they were a victum of a breach. The breach was caused by a few bugs in the code of the “View As” feature that allows you to view you own profile The bug allowed the hackers to take login access tokens from users. The access token is a cookie that is stored to allow you to acces your account without having to log back in to Facebook.

This breach also gives the hacker access to any site that to any site that you use “Login With Facebook” on. If Facebook is connected to any of you important accounts you should disconnect them.


Since to breach was announced there have been a few updates. FIrstly on Friday, Facebook said that about 50 miliion users were effected.

What To Do

First you should log out of Facebook to revoke your old access token. For future you should use long/strong passwords, a password manager and, use 2 factor authentication. Use Lastpass (Password manager) and Authy (2 factor authentication).