This Week In Tech 05/13-05/19/2017

This week in tech Google announced Google One. YouTube retooled Red, Sony is ging to be ending manufacturing of Vita game cards, the Xbox adaptive controller, Paypal aquires iZettle, Intel 10nm chip.

Google announced Google One a new cloud storage service. Google One ism’t Drive and storage is cheaper. There are also a whole bunch of other perks. Here’s a link to a TechCrunch article about Google One:

YouTube is ending YouTube Red but not really. YouTube Red is being split into two it will become a Sporify like music service and YouTube Premium wich is the rest of YouTube Red.

Earlier this week Sony told Kotaku that they are going to end production of physical game cards for the PlayStation Vita at then end of their 2018 fiscal year (March 31, 2019).

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Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members:

article link
Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members
Say hello to Google One
YouTube Unveils New Streaming Service
Sony Ends Production Of Physical Vita Games
Xbox Adaptive Controller
PayPal Aquires iZettle
Intel finally made a 10nm processor