Google I/O 2018 Keynote

Yesterday Google held their annual I/O event. they made lots of cool and innovative announcment. Waymo was also there. But there were no hardware announcments (other than that the Smart Displays that were announced in January at CES are realecing in July), guess we’d have to wait til the fall.

The first thing that was announced is that Gboard will soon support Morse Code. Then they announced a bunch of updates to GMail including autocomplete in gmail web (it includes calender events, addresses from your contacts, etc). Google Photos cane enxt with the introduction of Suggested sharing and AI reccomended edits.

Now for Google News, the first thing they talked about was the Google News Inisutive. Then they talked a redesign for the Google News app.

A new initutive was talked about a little bit. DIgital Wellbeing is going to introduce a device tracking usage dashboard in android, break reminders  and wind down mode which when active turns your phone screen greyscale at night.

Google Assistant is what cane next. Wavenet is a new “more realistic” voice system. Then they announced Cuntinued Conversation and Multiple Actions which are exactly what they sound like. Asistant will have a new UI that takes advantage of the whole screen. Assistant will be coming to Navigation in Google Maps. Assistant now can make automated reservations over the phone for yuo/. Goggle Lens is getting an update so you can copy text out of it.

Now finally for Android, adaptive brightness was the first feature. Introducing App. Actions basically predictions of certain in app actions and Slices basically pieces of an app that apear riht in search. heres a list of new UI features:

  • swipe up once for suggrsted apps
  • swipe up twice for all apps
  • swipe home button sideways to go throuh
  • if rotation is locked when you rotatea new button in dock
  • shush phone by flipping it over

Next they talked about a couple of software updates to Maps. They are developing an AR mode in Maps which you use the camera. and coming soon the For Me tab which is exactly what it sounds like.

The last thing announced was that Waymo is launchin publically later this year.