This 2 Weeks On The Blog

By Sam Greenwod

Jun 5, 2017

This week theres lots going on in tech heres a schedule of what I’ll be covering:

more from WWDC possably tomorrow


EA Play: june 10-12

Keynote: June 10 4PM EDT


Microsoft Keynote: Jun 11h, 5PM EDT

Bathesda Keynote: Jun 11h, 10PM EDT

Sony E3 Press Confrence:  Jun 12h, 9PM EDT

E3 Show: June 13th – 15th

Ubisoft Keynote – Monday, June 12, 1pm Pacific Time

Nintendo Keynote – Tuesday, June 13, 9am Pacific Time


Arms Release: June 16h

Post Schedule:

EA Play: June 11th

Microsoft Keynote: Jun 11h, 7PM

Bathesda Keynote: Jun 12th, 12AM

Sony E3 Press Confrence:  Jun 12th, 11PM

Nintendo Keynote – June 13th 12PM EDT

Ubisoft Keynote – Monday, June 12, 5pm

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