Pokémon Direct 06/06/2017 

Early Today morning Nintendo and The Pokemon Company hosted a Direct that only focused on Pokemon. We got lots of news.

The first thing that was announced was Poken Tournament DX. It is a rerelease of Poken Tournament with all DLCs. I’ve never played Poken Tournament but I’m excited, it looks really fun. I’ll review it when I get me hands on it. and 5 new charecters, and a tripple battle mode and, daily chalenges. Releases on September 22nd

The big announcment today was Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. The game is a remake of Sun and Moon but with a few story changes. It looks like you might be able to get all the legenaries there is also speculation that the Ultra Beasts will play abig role in the story. There are also new forms of Solgaleo and Lunala.

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A 3DS port of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. They will be compatible with pokemon bank. The game will launch also on September 22nd

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The Direct: bit.ly/PokeDirect2017

Nintendo Summer Trailer(Splatoon 2, Arms as well): bit.ly/NintendoSummerTrailer17

GameXplain Direct Reaction Video(say that I sent you): bit.ly/PokeDirect17AnalysisGX1