WWDC 2017

By Sam Greenwod

Jun 5, 2017

On Monday Apple hosted their WWDC conference (note this is a developers conference so don’t expect new products). But its speculated that apple will announce a Siri speaker like the Amazon Echo. All that we know is they will announce the new software versions.

WatchOS OS4

Siri updates (hopefully making Siri becomes useful)\

more branded watch faces

updates to activity and workout apps


the name of the new version is High Siera

autoplay video blocking

you can now use the photos app to edit photos apps

New File System AFS (Apple File System)

64 bit

way faster speed


now supports native 4K

SteamVR is now coming to mac

beta later this month

release this fall

compatible with all macs back to 2010


apple pay

person to person payments coning in messages


New Voice less robotic

translation in siri

Siri does something something like Google Now On Tap


you can now use the photos app to edit photos apps

live photos

HDR live photos


indoor mapping of malls and airports coming to Canada and the US

App Store

apple will be redesigning the app store. When you open the App Store you will find the today tab where apple will feature app. Finnally, Apple adds a games section to the App Store.


first things first amazon prime video is now coming to apple TV

Developer Stuff


ARKit is Apples new augmented reality platform  its really good I’ll link to a video of it right here.It looks really realistc.


IMac Pro


the best processor you can get in it is a 18-core Xeon processor

with max 4TB SSD for storage

starting at $4999

One More Thing…

dsc01507_verge-1496691105Rumors were tight the siri speaker was shown off. in my opinion it looks decent.

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