Made By Google Event

Yesterday at the googleplex Google hosted an event they were rumored to to announce the Pixel Phone and the Google Home and Google Assistant. 

The Pixel Phone will be the first phone with Google Assistant. The phone also has round icons. Assistant also has Now On Tap like feature but also uses apps that you have. Now for the camera it is the highest rating that has ever been given to a smartphone. Duo will be pre installed unto 7 hours of power in 15 minutes.  5 and 5.5 inche models in blue(limited time), $649 us pre-order. 

They also announced their version of a Daydream VR viewer(Daydream is Google’s mobile VR standard). It is made out of microfiber and comes in multiple colors slate, snow, and crimson. Star Chat is compatible with Daydream.  Netflix, HBO, and Hulu will have apps.  Google play movies, Google Photos, Street View, and YouTube. The New York Times VR documentaries will also be available. The viewer and remote will be available tougher for $79 in November.  

 In the smart home they announced Google WiFi, a mesh network system like eero $129 for 1 and $300 for the 3 pack list. In the Chromecast category they announced The Chromecast Ultra. It will support 4K(with Dolby Vision and HDR)  an Ethernet port will be in the power adapter for $69

Google Home will be a Amazon Echo like device. It allows you to query Google for info and your Google calendar. It allows you to play music from Google Play Music,  Spotify, Tunein Radio, and I heart radio. It references Google’s knowledge graph. When you say good morning to it it queries your calendar and other apps to give you a daily Briefing.  You can also use it to control your smart home devices( Nest, Smart things, Phillips Hue, and IFTTT supported). You can use it to voice control your Chromecast devices. Priced at $129 pre-order now. 

For more information about Google Assistant actions goto 

For more info about Google Home goto and the devices

By the way Oculas Connect is tomorrow so stay tabbed.