This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020

Firstly, I intended to write an article last week because I did not have time. Last week the US Department of Justice sued Google for anti-trust. Experts and journalists think that the suit was rushed and that it did not do a good job of establishing the problems that it focuses on search instead of advertising. They talk about business deals like Google paying Apple and Mozilla to be the default search engine on their given platforms. I agree, Big Tech should be dealt with, but I don’t think that anti-trust/monopoly law is how to deal with it. I plan … Continue reading This Week In Tech – Nov 1, 2020

WWDC 2020

I only realized that I never posted this. It was supposed to be posted in June the week of WWDC. This is being posted now for archival purposes so it could be read as a reference for new content. This week Apple held their annual WWDC developer conference. For the first time, it was entirely online and free for everyone. For the first time, I’ve decided to cover both the Keynote and the Platforms State of the Union (which I’ve never covered before because it usually an in-person only event which is only available online to developers if anyone). In … Continue reading WWDC 2020

Apple Event Fall 2018

The event started with the usual stats talk. The first announcement was the newly redesigned Apple Watch Series 4. The breathe app is now a watch face. the watch now is rounded edged. the watch has a 64 bit processor. The S4 has fall detection within the healh app. They are also adding low heart rate detection, AFIB detection, and ECG. Comes in Sainless(gold, space black). Next up iPhone. The rumors were right, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The Xs has a 5.5 inch screen and the Xs Max has 6.5 inch screen. There is a new 512GB … Continue reading Apple Event Fall 2018

This Week In Tech 09/10-09/16/2017

This week Nintendo hosted a direct. Apple hosted their iPhone X event. And NASA said goodbye to Cassini This week Apple hosted an event at which they announced 3 iPhones, an Apple Watch, and an Apple TV. For more information check my article about the event Also Nintendo hosted a Direct which I covered in another article I saved the best for last. On Friday NASA finished the Grand Finale scenario I wrote about a few months ago. The Finale brought some of the best space images ever. If you could wait a while I’ll write a full article about … Continue reading This Week In Tech 09/10-09/16/2017

Apple Event September 2017 (Full)

At the beginning of the event Tim Cook started talking about the new campus and its design and energy efficiency. Then they announced a couple of things about Apple stores Then Apple Watch, they announced that its the number 1 watch in the world. The new in Watch OS 4 activity coaching. Statistical updates to the hearth rate app. They announced a study on heart problems. That will be available September 19th. Then they announced the Apple Watch Series 3 which has built in LTE also Apple Music with come to it soon to the watch. They announced a new … Continue reading Apple Event September 2017 (Full)

This Week In Tech 09/04 – 09/10 2016

Last week Apple, Dell and, Sony/PlayStation had events. At tier given events two announced new products and one announced an acquisition. first off  Sony announced the PlayStation Pro which is a PS4 with 4k compatibility, an upgraded GPU and a 1TB hard-drive and all PS4s will be HDR compatible. |The PlayStation pro will come out on November 10th. in Apple’s  case they hosted an event where they announced new iPhones, new Apple Watches, Super Mario Run, and Pokemon Go on the apple watch. more on this in my post about this on the apple page Continue reading This Week In Tech 09/04 – 09/10 2016

Apple Event 2016 

Today at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium Apple announced a new game in partnership with Nintendo called Mario Run.  And also added a new feature to the app store that notify you when a app is coming out.  Apple announced a new Apple Watch. Pokemon Go on Apple Watch.  The new Apple Watch is waterproof and GPS Another integration with Nike for Apple Watch Fit pre-order Friday. In  I iPhone Siri is now able to have app integrations.  Homekit controls 8n control center. In iPhone 7 news, happtic home button.  The new iPhone is waterproof and 12mp camera sensor dual … Continue reading Apple Event 2016