Ring Fit Adventure Review

Ring Fit Adventure is a really great game. It uses the Switch hardware really well and provides a fun way to workout.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are lacklustre but that’s the style which I really like. The art style is sort of odd but nice. Nintendo does a great job of getting the most of the low power/low-resolution hardware. Sound design wise its decent, the music is great but the character voiceover is bad but the ring character’s VO is especially annoying,


Ring Fit is innovative in adding RPG elements to a fitness game. It actually does a really good job. it gives you the type of workout that makes you not want to workout in that it’s super hard. The biggest problem with the game is there are a few exercises that aren’t instructed properly, planking is the biggest culprit *when you plank you aren’t supposed to move).


The Ring Con is a super innovative way to control the game. The Joycons don’t always detect tension in the ring well (calibration is the time this really shows but it adjusts better once you start playing).  T\he heart rate sensing inaccurate and sometimes doesn’t even work.

Overall, the game is really good. I think anyone who wants motivation to workout needs this game. This game has great lasting value since its a workout game. It also has a few seccondary modes.

Score: 7/10

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Pokemon Sword and Shield come out this week so I’ll be playing lots of it. I hope to get my review out two weeks from now.