Super Mario Odyssey Review


I’ve not completely finished the came but I’m far enough to hav an opinion on the game I’ve just not beaten th final boss and finished the postgame.

Super Mario Odyssey is the newest gsme in the series of Super Mario RPGs. This is the first of its kind a almost fully open world Mario game. Almost meaning there is still the there is still the world mechanic, but the worlds are just called kingdoms. In the game you are collecting moons similar to stars in Mario 64.



The Gameplay is great. The game doesn’t lag at all and runs really fast. I love the moon format it’s really great, you sometimes canskip the kingdom bosses. You can play in handheld mode without lag. I reccogmend using the JoyCons to play because certin cappy actions recuire motion controls that only are possible with the JoyCons. Oh right I almost forgot that there are about 500 postgame moons.



The story is good basicallly Bowser wants to marry Peach and you as Mario is trying to prevent the wedding in this game Bowser is not working with the kupas but brutals.


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