Everything Covered In The Nintendo Treehouse Day 1

The first game showed off was shown off was Super Mario Odasey Gsmeplay it looks great.I think that the game will be great. It look like it would me a great game.. The art and music are great.

I issed a little bit of the treeehouse bu the next game I saw was Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS. It lloks like fun and like the story is good. it looks like the story is good.

Then they showed gameplay of Mario + Rabbids it looks fun and that means more then when i usually say it becauseI’ve disliked Mario games for a while.The game is compatible with all types of controllers

The next game shown was Mario & Luigi Superstars Saga + Bowsers Minions. The game looks decent but good for a Mario & Luigi game.

Then they showwed arms is missed all of that part

Then came more Super Mario Odasey

Release Dates (only games announced durring the treehouse):

Metroid: Samus Returns:September 15th,3DS