Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

Samsung TVs all new Samsung TVs will have Bixby built-in Appliances   Computers Notebook 7 Spin The Notebook 7 Spin\ is a 2in1 computer that Samsung showed at CES Other Samsung Flip LG TVs Appliances   Phones LG announced the V30 at CES For inages of LG V30 Click Here* Other Cloi Cloi is LGs personal AI assistant device (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) it uses LGs ThinQ technology and can control LG appliances. Lenovo Computers ThinkPad X1 Its the premium version of the  X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga. It has Dolby Vision HDR and Amazon Alexa Arriving in January, the … Continue reading Everyting You Need To Know From CES 2018 (from big brands)

Everything Covered In The Nintendo Treehouse Day 1

The first game showed off was shown off was Super Mario Odasey Gsmeplay it looks great.I think that the game will be great. It look like it would me a great game.. The art and music are great. I issed a little bit of the treeehouse bu the next game I saw was Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS. It lloks like fun and like the story is good. it looks like the story is good. Then they showed gameplay of Mario + Rabbids it looks fun and that means more then when i usually say it becauseI’ve disliked Mario games … Continue reading Everything Covered In The Nintendo Treehouse Day 1

All Games announced @ E3 Release Dates And Prices

Sorry this is so late I thought I already posted it EA: A Way Out: Early 2018 All Sports Games: September 29 Star Wars: Battlefront II: November Xbox: Xbox One X: November 9th Forza MotorSport 4: October: 3rd Bethesda: Doom VFR: date unannounced Fallout 4 VR: October  Elder Scrolls Online: sometime this year  Creation Club: Summer The Elder Scrolls Online: Legends: date unknown  Skyrim Switch: date unknown Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider: date unknown  The Evil Within 2: October 13th Wolfenstien 2: October 27 Ubisoft: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: August 29 Assissin’s Creed Origins: date unannounced The Crew 2: … Continue reading All Games announced @ E3 Release Dates And Prices

EA Keynote @ E3 2017

The first thing they showed was the trailer for Fifa 18 it looks good. after that they showed a long montage of eSports in Fifa. Than finally showed a trailer for a new game. It’s calles  A Way Out it’s built for for split-screen co-op but can be played online. Its about two guys who are in prison.  The seccond game they showed off was Anthem. Find out more in my article about the Microsoft keymote The next game they showed and the forst in EA Sports was NBA Live 18. You can try it out with a demo coming … Continue reading EA Keynote @ E3 2017